Our History

We are a company with a proud history and an excellent overview of the work done across Europe. We developed from modest beginnings into an international transport company. We take great care of our employees, business partners, and customers, which is apparent in our steady growth and the rising number of satisfied customers in more than 25 countries.

  • 1991

    • 1991 Establishment of the road transport company Avtoprevozništvo Srečko Frangez s.p.
    • 1993 Purchase of the first vehicle for international bulk transportation
    • 1995 Completion of storage spaces
  • 2001

    • 2001 First time on the World Wide Web
    • 2004 Establishing a new manager office
    • 2005 Purchase of the first refrigerated vehicles


  • 2006

    • 2006 The creation of a new company Transport Frangež d.o.o.
    • 2007 Installation of an additional warehouse and a new parking lot
    • 2008 Acquired new business premises
    • 2009 Carwash and mechanical workshop for company use
    • 2010 Purchase of new environmentally friendly vehicles and trailers
  • 2011

    • 2011 Increase in transport services with refrigerated trucks in Western Europe
    • 2012 Introduction of additional security and new network solutions in offices and the purchase of a new disponential program
    • 2012 Purchase of the first refrigerated trailer with complete autonomous GPS/GPRS control of the trailer (position, temperature, door, weight etc.)
    • 2013 The magic limit of 50 vehicles in both companies
    • 2014 First major purchase of the newest vehicles with EURO 6 engines


  • 2015

    • 2015 Acquisition of the certificate »IFS Logistics»
    • 2016 Certification “ISO 9001/2015”
    • 2016 Celebration of a decade of Transport Frangež d.o.o.
    • 2017 Establishment of digital archiving and E-invoices
    • 2017 Renewal of the “IFS Logistics” certificate – obtained at “HIGH LEVEL”
    • 2017 Division of enterprises by type of transport (d.o.o. – FRIGO and s.P. JUMBO)
    • 2017 Celebration of 25 years of the company Avtoprevozništvo Srečko Frangež s.p.
    • 2018 The company has a total of 80 vehicles (60x FRIGO and 20x JUMBO)
    • 2018 Design and launch of a new website and Facebook profile
    • 2018 Renewal of the “IFS Logistics v2.2” certificate (high level)
    • 2018 As of 31 December, there are already 88 vehicles in the fleet (70x FRIGO and 18x JUMBO)
    • 2019 Recertification “ISO 9001: 2015”
    • 2019 Renewal of the “IFS Logistics v2.2” certificate (high level)
    • 2019 Purchase of land in the industrial zone to build a new office building at a new location
    • 2019 As of 31 December, there are already 91 vehicles in the fleet (73x FRIGO and 18x JUMBO)
  • 2020

    2020 Purchase of state-of-the-art server and new licenses

    2020 Purchase and modernization of digital security equipment

    2020 Modernization and introduction of a new system for remote processing of driver cards

    2020 Replacing an Outdated Computer System

    2020 Telecommuting and remote work enabled

    2020 Obtained grants for an outlined digital strategy of the company

    2020 Spirit e-commerce project