Frigo transport

If you have food cargo or want to transport temperature-sensitive substances you came to the right address. We carry out all transports below the temperature regime from -27 ° C up to + 30 ° C (doppelstock) and we are well-known for our Thermo + ADR service (transport of hazardous substances under controlled temperature).



*Dry goods
no temperature
Fresh meat, fish+4 do +10 (+/-2)Continuous operation (NON-STOP)
Sveže meso, ribe+0 (+/-2 )Continuous operation (NON-STOP)
Milk, milk products+4 (+/-2)Continuous operation (NON-STOP)
Egg products+4 (+/- 2)Continuous operation (NON-STOP)
Frozen goods-20 (+/-5)Continuous operation (NON-STOP)
Pharma products

Raw materials for the pharmacy

+2 do +25Continuous operation (NON-STOP)
Bananas+14 (+/- 2 )Continuous operation (NON-STOP)

* Dry goods: cereals, baked goods, snacks, pastries, pet food, beverages, oils and fats, combined products;

Non-food products: cosmetics, hygiene products, household care products, packaging, electronics, electrical products, housewares, textiles, media products, furniture, tools and technical devices, office supplies, toys, flowers and plants, garden tools and more.

We provide:

  • Full information vehicle tracking
  • Controled temperature capability
  • Live temperature monitoring 
  • Live mobile reporting